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Identifying and Preventing Girdling

Don’t Let Your Trees Die a Slow Death: Identifying and Preventing Girdling Roots There are several familiar factors, such as insects, fungi, inadequate water or nutrients and wrong pruning methods etc. which could lead to trees looking unhealthy. However there is another cause of which you may not know about – girdling roots! Uncover what … Read more

Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

Careless pruning can be damaging – Avoid these common pruning mistakes for optimal tree health! Have you ever noticed a tree that resembles something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book or looks like it’s been used as an improvised coat rack? In most cases, this is the result of careless pruning methods that can … Read more

Stump Grinding FAQ

Need Answers About Stump Grinding? We’ve Got You Covered: A Comprehensive FAQ on Tree Stump Removal If you’re considering having a tree removed, stump grinding is often recommended by professional tree removal companies. Learn more about the time frame for this process, its benefits, and whether or not it can be completed as a DIY … Read more

Keeping Trees Safe From Construction

Keeping Trees Safe: How to Protect Them From Construction and Landscaping Projects Landscaping and construction activities can be disastrous for trees, potentially causing snapped branches, wounded trunks, and damaged roots. This leaves them weakened, exposed to insect infestations or disease issues – not to mention no longer stable after the project has been completed. While … Read more

Proper Tree Pruning Prevent Damage

Proper Tree Pruning Can Prevent Damage From Storms Even though it is impossible to completely avoid damage from the most extreme storms, there are ways to reduce destruction caused by storms and other tempests. By engaging in preventive measures before these more common types of storms, you can protect yourself and your property against potential … Read more

Lightning Strikes a Tree

What Happens When Lightning Strikes a Tree? Come summertime in Clarence, NY and the inevitable thunderstorms roll in – with them comes a warning: as soon as you hear thunder, get indoors before lightning appears. Of course, trees can’t just pick up their roots to run for cover like we can; they have no choice … Read more

Tree Roots Harming Foundations

Could Tree Roots Possibly Harm Sidewalks, Foundations and Plumbing? Tree roots have been wrongfully accused of many misdeeds, from lifting sidewalks to infiltrating sewage systems. We discover the facts and dig deeper: is there something else behind these problems? Join us as we explore this issue further and get down to the root cause… Suspect … Read more