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How To Help Your Trees Handle Heat Waves & Heat Stress

How To Help Your Trees Handle Heat Waves & Heat Stress With increasing global temperatures, trees around the world are being negatively impacted. From suffering to even dying as a result of heat stress, it’s critical that we take measures now to protect our trees during soaring temps. Learn more about how intense heat affects … Read more

Pine Tree Removal in Buffalo NY

Pine Tree Removal in Buffalo NY Taking down a pine tree is no easy feat, and the expense of removing large or mature pines might come as an unwelcome surprise. While all trees can be removed to some degree, every job presents its own unique challenges which must be factored into the costs. Removing a … Read more

Planting a Tree the Right Way in Clarence

Planting a Tree the Right Way in Clarence Don’t let your trees’ life be cut short! Plant them correctly during the spring and fall for a longer, healthier life. With just a few simple steps you can guarantee that your tree will flourish through many seasons of growth. So learn these steps now and witness … Read more

Tree Removal Preparations and Planning

Before Taking Down a Tree: Preparation Techniques to Consider for Safe Removal When you are ready to take down a tree, there is certain preparation that needs to occur beforehand (which you shouldn’t try by yourself). Let’s explore the importance of proper preparation for safely removing trees and learn how to prepare before taking it … Read more

Cut Down a Dying or Dead Tree?

Is it Time to Cut Down a Dying or Dead Tree? Have you ever questioned what to do when faced with a deteriorating or dead tree? Should it be removed, kept around, and if so is it feasible for a DIY’er to cut the tree down themselves? The answers depend on whether you decide that … Read more

What Are Frost Cracks: FAQS About Cracks In Trees

What Are Frost Cracks: FAQS About Cracks In Trees Winter can be a difficult season for each of us, including our trees. During the day and overnight, temperatures that rise or fall rapidly can take their toll on dormant vegetation in unanticipated ways, with one of these being frost cracks – snapping sounds emanating from … Read more

Can Winter Tree Work Be Done?

Can Winter Tree Work Be Done? New York’s winter season is the perfect time to take advantage of its many tree maintenance benefits! Get acquainted with all the advantages it provides both you and your trees, as well as what not to do. As you take in your winter landscape, you are likely already envisioning … Read more

Post Winter Storm Tree Care

Dealing with Snow and Ice-Damaged Trees Post Winter Storms: An Essential Guide When winter storms blow into New York, they can leave behind a dense blanket of snow or an unbreakable sheet of ice. Thanks to the weight and wind from these harsh conditions, trees and shrubs may break or even collapse in some cases. … Read more

Poor Tree Care Costs

Poor Tree Maintenance: What Does it Really Cost You? When selecting tree care services, many individuals base their decision solely on price. However, the truth is that you often receive what you pay for when it comes to providing tree service; lower cost may lead to inferior quality and a lesser outcome for your trees … Read more

Should You Do Tree Work By Yourself?

DIY Tree Work: Should You Do It Yourself? It’s true that home owners can undertake certain tree maintenance tasks without the assistance of a professional service. But while DIY is an option, it should be noted that there are some limitations as to what types of care we’d suggest taking on yourself! Safety is paramount … Read more

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