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Emergency Tree Services

Storm Trees 1

We all have emergencies, and when they happen we need the right people beside us. But what about when we need an emergency tree service? Sometimes a tree might fall over and block a much-needed path or it might become a danger. Harsh weather conditions can cause trees to fall over or their branches to snap. This can become a hazard if it is not taken care of straight away. 

What if there is only one road to a location that is blocked by a tree? What if a tree becomes entangled with a power line? This is when you need emergency tree help to ensure safety and order.

Different Types of Emergency Tree Services

Tree Removal

One of the most common types of emergency tree service is tree removal. A heavy storm or wind can cause a tree to fall over. If a tree falls over in the wrong place it can cause major damage and harm. For example, large trees that are near windows, powerlines, or pet enclosures can be dangerous if it falls over. Can you imagine having to move around a tree that you can’t get out of the way?

You can have trees with big branches that snap off or trees that uproot fully! Emergency tree removals can remove trees if they are about to become an imminent danger or if they have fallen and need to be removed ASAP. 

It is not advised that you try to remove a tree yourself as you may not be fully aware of hazards surrounding tree removal. Trees that are knocked over can keep moving if the wind gets heavy and causes branches to move and snap off. 

A professional arborist is needed to remove a tree safely. Don’t try and do it yourself. 

Tree Bracing

Tree bracing is the process of helping damaged trees stay upright with the use of bracing. The intention of tree bracing is to be able to save a damaged tree and keep it braced so that it does not cause any damage or harm to its surroundings. Bracing is an option when you want to save a tree and strengthen it back to its former health. 

There are different types of bracing including dynamic bracing, cable bracing, and steel rod bracing. The type you use will depend on the tree you are bracing. 

Dynamic bracing involves the use of polyester rope and is used around tree stems and branches. Cable bracing employs steel cables to limit the movement of stems and branches. Steel rod bracing uses steel rods that are galvanized to parts of a tree that are split to help provide support.

Whatever the method, we are here to help. Don’t leave it up to yourself to figure it out. 

24 Hour Emergency

When we say emergency service, we mean emergency service. An emergency can occur at any time and it is essential to be able to rely on an emergency tree service that is available 24/7. You can rely on us to get to your property as soon as possible to make the situation safe, making sure you and your property are looked after. 

Emergencies make us worry and they can be stressful. Let us make sure you are looked after!

When called out, an arborist’s main job is to make your property or an area safe again. When it is safe other processes like clean-ups or rebuilding can occur. 

While our services always aim to get to jobs ASAP, it is worth noting that during a storm or a high-demand time, jobs are prioritized based on the urgency of a matter. 

Emergency Tree Service Clarence NY

Tree Service Clarence NY is the team you want by your side in case of an emergency. We not only have the skill to help you during an emergency but we are there to make sure you are safe and looked after and the areas affected are made safe in a timely manner. 

Whenever you need us, we try our best to be there. We also offer a range of other services including tree pruning and trimming and stump grinding. Get in touch with us for a quote for removal services or any questions you might have. Please give us a call for tree services and also make sure to check out our tree service content on our blog!

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