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Proper Tree Pruning Prevent Damage

Proper Tree Pruning Can Prevent Damage From Storms

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Even though it is impossible to completely avoid damage from the most extreme storms, there are ways to reduce destruction caused by storms and other tempests. By engaging in preventive measures before these more common types of storms, you can protect yourself and your property against potential harm.

Unlike when we learn last minute that a storm is arriving, taking proactive steps should not be done at the eleventh hour; they must occur well ahead of time so you can prepare for what might come later!

Uncovering the Devastating Impacts of Storms on Trees

We are all too familiar with the destruction that powerful storms can cause – from downed power lines, to branches through windows and uprooted trees. Although it is a combination of wind and rain that causes much of this damage, flooding often exacerbates the problem by loosening soil around tree roots.

The result? Trees toppled by winds as their shallow root systems give way. This issue is particularly acute for trees recently planted which have yet to develop deep-reaching roots able to stabilize them during gusts of unpredictable wind.

After a storm or Nor’easter passes, broken branches and snapped tree trunks can be left behind – making them hazardous to those nearby. In addition, these shattered branches may unexpectedly crash down without warning, potentially resulting in serious injury or destruction of property below. Furthermore, any surrounding buildings, wires/cables and satellite dishes are vulnerable to the debris that is scattered about by heavy winds and gusts of rain.

Shouldn’t Remove All Trees

You may be inclined to cut down trees in order to prevent potential destruction caused by harsh weather conditions, such as wind, rain or snow. However, recent studies have revealed that neighborhoods with the most tree cover endure less wreckage and scattered debris when storms hit. The key lies in cultivating healthy trees which are firmly rooted and regularly maintained!

What To Do To Reduce Storm Damage

Safeguard yourself and your property from storm-induced damage due to trees by undertaking regular tree inspections. Spend some time carefully examining these towering giants (from the ground – never try climbing them!), searching for any of the following issues, all of which raise their risk during storms:

Potential Factors of Risk

Be vigilant for deadwood, fractures, splits or branches that are hanging loose; these might easily snap under a gusty wind. Also look out for any signs of disease or decay in trees and branches since they tend to be weaker and more susceptible to breakage.

Structural issues are best identified by a professional tree service, however there are some problems you can recognize with your own eyes. Could it be that the branches of the tree intersect in a V-shape? Are they rubbing against one another? Is the canopy “lifted” too much under which might make it top-heavy? If so, then structural stability is an issue for your tree and needs attention!

Trees that lean to one side are more vulnerable in wet weather, since their root structure may not be strong enough to keep them upright. Root girdling, damage from construction near the trunk and young trees with sparse roots can all increase the likelihood of failure during a storm. Don’t assume just because it’s leaning that it will automatically topple; however, if you notice an extreme lean or any worrisome signs – address them before disaster strikes!

Topping trees is not recommended as the new growth from a topped tree is fragile and can easily break. If you have had your tree previously topped, it’s essential to assess for any potential safety risks.

Lion-tailed trees require a pruning practice that we do not utilize due to it’s hazardous implications for the tree. In rainy or windy weather, too much foliage growth at the end of bare branches can cause them to break from being whipped around by strong gusts and storms.

When a tree’s canopy is excessively dense, the leaves act as sails that impede air movement and create resistance.

Careless pruning can be a hazard for trees. When some tree owners choose to “thin” their trees by eliminating branches from the inside, leaving an abundance of foliage around the outside, they are performing improper technique that puts them at risk in storms.

If you spot anything unusual or worrisome, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our experienced arborists are fully equipped and qualified to identify any potential threats posed by your trees. By evaluating the condition of your trees and taking prompt action – such as trimming or improving their wellbeing – we can help ensure they will be ready when stormy weather comes around again. If you lack either the time or enthusiasm for checking up on your tree’s safety, then let our experts take care of it with one of our in-depth inspections!

Take Action Now To Prevent Storm Damage

From October to April/May, storms are commonplace in the Clarence region. But even during balmy summer weather, you should still be prepared for potentially dangerous conditions. To safeguard against hazardous gusts of wind or heavy rainfall that could knock over trees, it’s essential to keep mature trees pruned and well-maintained–allowing wind to flow through its canopy instead of pushing up against it which may cause severe damage if not taken care of beforehand

Make sure your tree is properly trimmed so that when a storm hits, they can survive being bent from strong winds or having large branches snap off without toppling down completely!

If you observe crossed branches, dead wood or foliage, damaged limbs, or overhanging branches – fear not! We have the perfect corrective pruning methods to remedy these issues and make your tree safer. If a freshly planted/transplanted tree is present on the property we will provide it with extra support by staking it properly.

However if any of our inspection points out that the tree has gone beyond repairable measures then unfortunately removal would be its fate; especially in cases when a certain tree appears to be already dead as waiting for another storm could prove fatal. On top of everything stated above-we also offer services related to Storm Clean up for any trees/branches down due high winds etcetera.


Our incredible trees have proven time and again to be worth their weight in gold, withstanding everything from driving rains to powerful winds – provided they have been cared for properly. As we move into storm season, now is the perfect time to consider preventive pruning as a way of preserving your tree’s health. Having an experienced arborist tend to them on a regular basis can save you much stress and expense down the road! Act now so that years from today, those same amazing trees will still stand tall. If you need tree services, please contact our team in Clarence, NY for all your tree needs!