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Tree Trimming Clarence NY

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A tree is a magnificent thing. Starting from a small root and growing into sometimes large and sometimes giant trees. As trees grow their branches can become obstacles to a landscape. Tree limbs can invade window space, and power lines and even be dangerous if their limbs snap off during a strong wind or storm. Older trees are prone to decay and can collapse at any time. 

The best practice is to maintain trees and their branches to stop them from causing unexpected damage. This is best done by pruning or trimming tree branches.

Tree pruning and trimming is the process of selectively removing certain branches or parts of a tree by cutting them. 

Tree trimming and pruning services exist to help trim trees and keep them safe and clean. Tree Service Clarence NY are expert arborists that have the skill and equipment to help you with your tree trimming needs. Whether it’s to prune dead branches or to make space, we are experts in the pruning process.

The Pruning Process

Evaluation and Access

The first step of the tree pruning process is to get to the tree and evaluate the surroundings. Pruning is a delicate process as pruning a giant tree will be completely different from cutting back small branches off a smaller fruit tree. An evaluation of the tree’s surroundings is also necessary to identify any potential hazards. Imagine a tree that is getting in the way of a power line or a tree that is very close to the house.

Getting to the tree might also be tricky if it is a tree that is high and wide. Many homes won’t have a way to get to these heights themselves. We have the relevant equipment that will be needed to get to high parts of a tree such as cranes, climbing gear, and bucket trucks.

Cutting the Tree

After the initial evaluation and access, a tree’s branches can then be removed. Things to consider when cutting the branches include the overall structural quality of the tree being maintained and making sure the tree is being pruned according to size and shape. There is the knowledge required to know which branches to cut off and which ones to keep. You will need to identify which branches are decaying or possibly diseased as well. Cutting trees is also a meticulous process if there are neighboring trees that need to be watched out for. 

Pruning Techniques 

Pruning is a refined process that needs to be someone who is trained. Pruning a tree the wrong way can damage a tree. You also want to be able to prune or trim a tree in a way that leaves it looking better than it did before. DIY pruning can cause jagged branches and unwanted branch shapes. There are also different tree pruning techniques such as thinning, raising, topping, and reductions. Thinning gets rid of the branch from its main point of origin. Raising is the process of trimming low-hanging trees to make space for people to walk under. Topping is a more drastic process that gets rid of all the branches of a tree. This is commonly used for younger trees. Reduction is the process of reducing a tree’s volume. 

Knowing what technique to use and how to achieve it is why a trained arborist is someone to have by your side when dealing with tree pruning and trimming. 

Benefits of Tree Trimming or Pruning

Aside from safety, there are many benefits of regularly pruning or trimming your trees. Find out why we encourage tree pruning and trimming. 

Overall Safety 

Regular pruning or trimming means that there are less vulnerable branches that will be prone to break off during a storm. We all know what the weather can be like in Clarence and the Buffalo Area! Pruning vulnerable branches means that there won’t be any unexpected snaps. 


Pruning a tree can help it by simply making it look cleaner. Some trees may grow wild and have many branches sticking out.

Tree Health

Trimming and pruning a tree keeps a tree healthy by removing decaying or dying branches. Similar to cutting your hair, tree pruning allows for better growth. The health of a tree is improved when the decaying or dead branches are removed because it also allows for better sunlight exposure. It also allows for trees that bear fruit to have better fruit and flower production.

Tree Service Clarence NY

If you need help pruning a tree don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have expertise in many other tree services such as tree removal and stump grinding. Allow yourself to have the support and care of a trained arborist.

Get in contact with us today and let our tree experts at Clarence help you out!

Also, check out more articles on our tree service blog for more!

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