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Can Winter Tree Work Be Done?

Can Winter Tree Work Be Done?

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New York’s winter season is the perfect time to take advantage of its many tree maintenance benefits! Get acquainted with all the advantages it provides both you and your trees, as well as what not to do.

As you take in your winter landscape, you are likely already envisioning the vibrant transformation that will occur in the spring. Consider planting some fresh shrubs, cultivating a vegetable garden, or even hanging up charming planters to bring life and light into your yard. You can make these dreams become reality when New York’s warm weather arrives!

Fantastic news if you’ve been waiting to get your trees pruned or removed – you don’t have to wait until the summertime! There are numerous advantages of hiring a professional tree service in winter, both for yourself and for the health of your trees. So why delay? Get that tree work done now and reap all the rewards it brings.

In this article, we will explore:

  • the merits of winter tree work,
  • what types of maintenance can be done year-round,
  • what should not be attempted in the cold season
  • and a few helpful tips on when to prune your trees.

Still think that Tree Work Only Occurs in the Spring and Summer? Think Again!

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Why do people only consider tree pruning, removal, inspections and similar arboricultural works during the spring and summer months? (Unless a winter storm damages their trees!) Is it due to lack of awareness or something else entirely?

As the snow begins to thaw and temperatures soar in spring, people become irresistibly pulled towards nature. Homeowners start their gardens and inspect garden centers for plants while they assess their outdoor space; recognizing that a branch may have stopped producing leaves or that a tree previously thought to be inactive is actually deceased. With this newfound knowledge of yard issues, homeowners can then take steps to address these challenges as part of maintaining an optimal landscape.

As the temperature rises and blossoms bloom, spending more time outdoors makes it easier to recognize any issues with your trees or shrubs. Hence why we receive an influx of calls for tree service during spring and summer – a great period to carry out some gardening work! During this season, you can easily:

  • eliminate leaves obstructing views,
  • walking paths or scraping against roofs;
  • prune trees for increased sun exposure/airflow;
  • and identify dead/decaying sections of the plant.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that tree work should only take place during the spring and summer months – winter is an equally advantageous time to have your trees trimmed! In fact, there are several benefits associated with taking care of them when it’s cold out.

Benefits Of Winter Tree Work

As there are no drawbacks to calling on professional tree service in any season, winter is the most opportune time for some jobs. Pruning fruit trees should be done at the end of winter if you anticipate abundant harvests next year. Not only that, but taking care of your trees during this colder period comes with a host of advantages – both for yourself and your foliage!

The structure of the Tree becomes more clear.

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In the growing season, it’s easy to spot dead branches due to their lack of foliage; however, tree care professionals are trained to identify them during any time of year. The absence of leaves on deciduous trees makes for better visibility when assessing the structure and limbs for signs of damage or crossing branches that may need professional pruning. Furthermore, removing such a tree becomes easier in winter as there will be less debris from fallen leaves!

Frozen Ground Minimizes Damage

Pruning or removing a large tree invariably results in some degree of damage to the ground, but during colder months when the earth is frozen it’s possible to limit this harm. Plus, with ice and snow covered terrain comes more accessibility for our heavy machinery since it can access areas that would prove too soft otherwise. That being said, we always strive for minimal disruption no matter what time of year!

Pests and Diseases Lie in Hibernation

Wintertime presents an ideal time to prune your trees since most pests and diseases are inactive. Yet, certain species like elms should only be trimmed under extraordinary circumstances during warmer weather due the potential of Dutch elm disease transmission.

Pruning During Winter Allows Trees to Recover and Regain Strength

Just as our bodies create a protective scab to facilitate healing, trees also require time for their wounds to seal up after being pruned. To give the tree an extended period of recovery before warm weather and new growth arrive, consider pruning in wintertime. This is not only beneficial for allowing ample time for the cuts to heal, but it can help ward off pests or disease from entering open wounded areas too.

Removing Damaged Limbs Or Trees Prevents Winter Storm Damage

Branches that are weak, broken, or dead become significantly more vulnerable to snapping in severe winter weather conditions. Dead trees can also be hazardous and cause branches (or the entire tree) to fall during storms. To ensure your property remains safe from potential damage caused by falling debris, it is best practice to remove any dead or dying limbs before winter arrives – a simple task that will bring you peace of mind when bad weather strikes our area.

Not All Trees Should Be Pruned In Winter

Although winter can be an ideal time to trim trees, some species are better off if not pruned during this season. Spring-flowering varieties should only have hazardous or damaged branches removed; otherwise they will lose their flowers come the following year as all of those bloom buds that were formed in autumn will be gone! Instead, wait until early spring and cut these types of trees/shrubs after they finish blooming for a beautiful display the next season.

The Success of Winter Tree Maintenance is Dependent on the Weather

When the weather is icy cold, and snow and ice envelops trees with its high winds, we take a break from winter tree care. We understand that pruning in these conditions could cause irreparable harm to both your property and our crew members. With this understanding, you can rest assured knowing that your safety will never be put at risk when working with us because we won’t work on trees during hazardous weather periods.

Need Help with Trees in the Winter?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Tree Service Clarence NY for a personalised estimate if you are certain that your trees need care, or even if you’re not sure! Our experts can come to your place and guide you with the pruning process.

Regardless of whether it’s winter, spring or autumn; don’t wait any longer – get tree-care professional assistance as soon as possible! We can also do stump grinding and stump removal all season long!