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Cut Down a Dying or Dead Tree?

Is it Time to Cut Down a Dying or Dead Tree?

Dying and Dead Trees 2

Have you ever questioned what to do when faced with a deteriorating or dead tree? Should it be removed, kept around, and if so is it feasible for a DIY’er to cut the tree down themselves? The answers depend on whether you decide that removing the decrepit trunk is necessary. If so, there are various safety hazards associated with removing an entire tree by yourself – hence experienced professionals should be employed in such cases.

Are you considering removing a tree? Have you asked yourself whether the tree is truly dead and if it’s safe to remove without an expert assessment? In this article, we answer those essential questions – plus more! Not only do we explain why it’s vital that you differentiate between “dead” and “dangerously-dead,” but also detail why cutting down a deceased tree isn’t comparable with taking away alive trees. We even give reasons as to why some dead tree removals in Clarence are never suitable for DIYers.

Remove A Dead Tree? Should You?

Dying and Dead Trees 3

Before you take action, double check that your tree is really dead! It’s possible some trees simply leaf out late in spring but are still healthy. If so, a bit of TLC could revive them. Nevertheless, if it appears to be declining or truly lifeless, calling on the help of an arborist would be wise for confirmation and further advice.

If the outcome shows your tree is unable to recover from its condition—dead or dying—it’s best to remove it as soon as possible before any risks arise; especially when nearby buildings or populated areas exist close by – where people drive past, walk through daily etcetera. A visually pleasing view isn’t all we need worry about here — safety should always come first!

What Benefits Are There When You Remove A Dead Tree?

With the numerous snowfalls and storms that occur in Clarence and Buffalo, you need to be aware of your lifeless tree – it may pose much more danger than expected. When a dead tree is structurally unstable, failure can happen promptly without announcing ahead of time; any object or person within range when this happens will suffer substantial damage or face injury risks. Don’t let what was once lifeless become deadly!

Be aware: If you possess a dead tree on your property, the consequence could be disastrous for both your home and car if that tree were to tumble during inclement weather. Unfortunately, many insurance policies won’t cover those damages!

Should I Cut Down A Dead Tree Myself?

If you’re considering removing a dead tree from your property yourself, think twice. While it may seem easy enough to borrow a chainsaw and cut the tree down quickly, there is far more involved than meets the eye when it comes to safely removing dead trees. It requires careful planning, skillful experience with the right equipment for proper removal – not just chopping! Trusting an experienced arborist or professional tree service company will ensure that this job is done correctly and without any danger up-front.

Planning Ahead

Prior preparation is key when it comes to felling a dead tree. Not only must you inspect the tree, but youmust also evaluate its location in order to determine how and what tools should be used as well as how many people are needed for successful removal.

Prior to attempting any work on a dead tree, it’s integral to assess its state and all prospective safety risks. Every deceased or decaying tree is unique; some are comparatively secure to labor upon while others can be exceptionally dangerous.

Trees That Died From ‘old Age’

If you are thinking of cutting a tree that is at the end of its life, free from disease and decay, there are certain aspects to consider.

First off, consider overall size – trunk diameter, height and crown spread – for it will help decide what equipment requires use and how much debris needs disposal afterwards. Secondly factor in structural branching pattern which affects climbing/rigging plans too. Make sure the stability levels are satisfactory; if not then branches must be removed first to redistribute weight so as to prevent leaning when personnel work inside the crown area. Lastly take into account for how long has been dead since lower moisture level indicates harder wood with less flexibility meaning more brittle pieces resulting in hazardous conditions during removal compared to recently deceased or living trees alike.

Dead Trees From Decay Or Insect Damage

Removing a dead tree with structural damage due to insect infestation, such as the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), requires special precautions. You must investigate the internal structure of the tree; decayed or damaged wood is far more fragile and hazardous when cut down. Furthermore, it may not be safe enough to attempt climbing or using ropes and blocks if its trunk is too weak. Thus, planning ahead in these cases is highly recommended for your own safety and security!

Internal wood decay can cause drastic reduction in the strength and flexibility of timber, as it destroys its lignin (which are strong fibers within the wood). Without these essential fibers, the tree becomes brittle and may fracture without warning. Consequently, while a healthy tree could be used to traverse using its crown structure; an aged one requires special equipment that isn’t directly attached to itself such as cranes or bucket trucks for removal.

Dead Ash Trees Are Especially Dangerous

Ash trees affected by EAB become incredibly brittle due to their swift decline from infestation. The wood inside the tree dries out rapidly, forming internal cracks that make it weak and unsteady. Consequently, removing dead ash trees is a hazardous task that should never be attempted without professional assistance – don’t even think about taking on this job yourself!

If you have a dead ash tree in need of removal, Tree Service Clarence NY is your perfect solution. We are fully equipped with the necessary tools and safety training to quickly and reliably remove any such trees without risk or harm. Don’t take chances – many other tree service companies do not possess adequate equipment or know-how for this task!

Need Help Removing a Tree?

If you’re in need of a tree removal service, reach out to us today! Our experienced and professional staff are here to assist with any evaluation or removals for your trees. With our crew’s expertise and training, we can guarantee the safe takedown of any trees on your property. Let us know how we can help make this process easier for you! We do all kinds of tree service in Clarence NY including stump removal, tree trimming and many others!

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